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AMLB CPAs and Consulting and their Clients Saves 3+ hours with Plooto

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I would describe Plooto as a cloud-based frictionless, user-friendly, turn-key, and comprehensive payment platform.






Cost Saved


3 hrs / week

Time Saved


Table of Contents

  1. The Client
  2. Benefits of Selecting Plooto for Clients.
  3. Benefits of Selecting Plooto for the Company.

The Client

AMLB CPAs and Consulting is a virtual CFO business delivering high-quality accounting, tax, payroll, financial planning, AP/sales invoicing, and business advisory services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations across Canada.

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Accounting & Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Firm

Company Size:

6 employees

Best Features:

Plooto Pre-Authorized Debit Agreements (PADs)


AMLB CPAs and Consulting "prides itself on customer experiences and convenience." The frictionless and effortless payment processes and workflows for accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) offered by Plooto encouraged AMLB CPAs and Consulting to adopt Plooto as their ultimate AP and AR solution.


Benefits of Selecting Plooto for Clients.


AMLB CPAs and Consulting's clients are saving time and cost in managing AP and AR with Plooto.


In some instances, clients have redeployed teams to revenue-generating activities due to the time savings realized.


Additionally, clients are saving "at least 2-3% on every sales transaction" in managing AP and AR with Plooto.


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What It Meant to Choose Plooto as the Accounts Payable Solution for Clients.


Plooto provides AMLB CPAs and Consulting's clients with the capability to automate workflows to pay their suppliers and vendors on time and efficiently with minimal intervention.


Additionally, the payments and supplier information is available for review in an easy-to-read user interface on the Plooto platform via the cloud.


Moreover, the complete auto reconciliation capability with the popular accounting software (QuickBooks and Xero) provided by Plooto eliminated time wasted on manual reconciliation.


What It Meant to Choose Plooto as the Accounts Receivable Solution for Clients.


AMLB CPAs and Consulting's clients also benefit from Plooto in managing their sales and AR workflow.


By implementing Plooto, we have saved our clients' sales teams valuable time and stress. No longer are they having to reach out to their customers for payments or obtain payment-related information.


With Plooto's pre-authorization debit agreement (PADs) function, AMLB CPAs and Consulting's clients can reduce stress in collecting outstanding payments while increasing cash flow forecasting visibility.


By implementing Plooto, long-dated receivables are substantially reduced if not eliminated.


On average, AMLB CPAs and Consulting's clients have seen a reduction in fees of approximately 10% after using Plooto with various options to collect receivables.


Benefits of Selecting Plooto for the Company.


Adopting Plooto has increased the ability for AMLB CPAs and Consulting to seamlessly advise and execute clients' requests from beginning to end.

Furthermore, AMLB CPAs and Consulting is saving 3 hours a week and $2,000 per month by using Plooto in their own AP and AR workflows.


Plooto, a cloud-based AP and AR solution, enables AMLB CPAs and Consulting to expand virtual CFO services and grow their business across Canada.


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