We’re building the financial engine
to power companies
today—and tomorrow.

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At Plooto, we are innovators. Automators of antiquated payment processes. Facilitators of better cash management. And champions of growing businesses that are shaping the future.

Join us and help business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers unlock their potential.

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Our story

Keeping your cash flow flowing takes time, energy, and focus. But too often, when you’re stuck balancing books, you can’t concentrate on growing the business. It’s a situation that seems impossible to reconcile.

By automating all accounts payable and receivable workflows, Plooto has freed thousands of entrepreneurs and finance teams to innovate, collaborate, and unlock their potential.

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Our values

We make powerful financial solutions accessible

All-in-one automated payment software should be easy-to-use and available to everyone.

We put trust above all

Business owners and bookkeepers shouldn’t have to worry about privacy, security, or support.

We innovate for our customers

That’s why we’ll never stop updating, improving, and safeguarding our platform.

We champion the success of small-to-midsize business

Because they fuel economies, create jobs, and solve problems, we want to help them succeed.

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Who we are

These ten leadership principles guide our actions and decisions. They also inform how we interact with customers externally—and internally with each other.

1. Plootonians start every action with their customer and work backwards. We avoid anything that doesn’t deliver customer value or impact.

2. We seek the truth and debate vigorously by exchanging direct & rapid feedback. We have the courage to disagree openly, yet actively listen, reflect and ultimately commit to the final decision as a team.

3. We earn trust with one another through critical thinking and demonstrating growth velocity.

4. We act with purpose and insist on the highest standards.

5. We deliver on our commitments by concentrating intently on driving our objectives to completion.

6. We are curious by nature and dive deep to understand the hows and the whys.

7. We focus on deep work by ruthlessly prioritizing and minimizing work that doesn’t deliver value or impact to our customer.

8. We embrace failing fast and celebrate wins, big or small.

9. We’re humble and genuinely passionate about the success of our customers, teams and Plooto.

10. We’re respectful, kind and candidly honest with one another.


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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Plootonian?

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Perks and benefits

At Plooto, we care about the health and well-being of all employees. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical and dental coverage, catered team lunches, access to mindfulness apps, and so much more.


Health & dental plans

Includes 100% coverage of prescriptions and $2,000 for paramedical care (like massage therapists, and chiropractors).

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Mindfulness apps

Full subscriptions to meditation apps (including Calm, Headspace, and 10% Happier).

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Work/life balance

Flexible work-from-home policies, generous general leave options, and a home office stipend.


Team building

Regular social events, including catered lunches, live and virtual coffee chats, and after-work socials.

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Career building 

Opportunities for training and professional development, plus access to industry events in the Toronto tech community.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion inspire innovation, collaboration, and creativity. At Plooto, we are always aiming to cultivate a welcoming environment where everyone feels respected, empowered, and heard.

This is a culture where every team member actively contributes to shared success. Interested? Then let’s learn and grow—together.

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Our hiring process

1 2 3 4 5 Screening interview Take-home or on-call case study Final interview Reference & background checks Offer! 1 2 3 4 5 Screening interview Take-home or on-call case study Final interview Reference & background checks Offer!