Spend time on your products – not in your books 

Manually paying your suppliers and vendors is time-consuming. Plooto automates your payments, giving you hours back to invest in your products and customers. 

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Stay on top of your payables. And get ahead—way ahead.

settings-sliders (1)Handle your workflow the way you want.

Use custom rules to automate, route, and customize payment approvals to the right team member at the right time.

eyeFocus your attention on the big picture.

Eliminate the tedious paperwork and manual Accounts Payable tasks to focus on higher value work to move your business forward.

bank-note (2)Get smart about your money.

Time your payments to better manage your cash and ensure you are taking advantage of all early-payment discounts.

appsDo it all with total, seamless integration.

With your accounting software, your bank, and your Plooto account all seamlessly integrated, you'll maximize efficiency.

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Control your receivables, control your cash.

refresh-3 (3)Automate your accounts receivable

Save time with Plooto’s automated accounts receivable software. Import invoices and set up recurring payments easily, quickly.

settings-sliders (1)Stay on top of your cash

Know automatically when an invoice has been paid. You won’t have to follow your cash flow—Plooto does that all for you.

globe (4)Track your receivables from one place

See your pending, completed, and new receivables all in one place using Plooto’s accounts receivable invoice automation.

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“Plooto delivers an incredible service to us, freeing up our time and providing fantastic visibility into our finances so we can grow our business.”

Chase Winters, Chief Performance Officer, Greenhouse 

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Integrations for Plooto

Intuit QuickBooks logo over a black background


Sync with QuickBooks for easy reconciliation, fewer data entry errors, and clearer payment records.

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Import your bills, stay on top of your payments, and keep a clear audit trail when you integrate with Xero.

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Easy 2-way syncing with NetSuite lets you simplify your transactions, automate your accounting flows, and more.

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All payment workflows on one platform.

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Accounts Payable

Automate your complete payment cycle, and ensure that your payables are processed quickly and efficiently.

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Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster, decrease payment processing mistakes, and create a more streamlined accounts receivable process.

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Online Check Payments

Skip bank lines, in-person signatures, and lengthy approvals using full-service check payments.

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Credit Card Acceptance

Add the option to pay via credit card so you can get paid faster than ever—as soon as 2 business days.

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International Payments

Make payments around the world and enjoy competitive exchange rates on your transactions.

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Automated Invoice Management

Make invoice management as hands-free as possible with easy-to-use automated processes.

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Canada Revenue Agency Payments

Canadian customers can pay government remittances in one place from payroll deductions to tax payments.

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Plooto Integrations

Automatically reconcile payments in QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite through seamless integrations.

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The proof is in the numbers


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How does Plooto streamline the AP process for retail businesses? 

Plooto automates the entire AR and AP process for retail businesses with efficient workflows for processing invoices and payments. This automation helps ensure accuracy and timeliness in paying suppliers, reducing manual errors and freeing up time for focusing on sales and inventory management. 

Can Plooto handle transactions with multiple vendors and suppliers in the retail sector? 

Yes, Plooto is designed to manage transactions with numerous vendors and suppliers efficiently. Our platform automates and simplifies the payable process, ensuring that all invoices are handled accurately and payments are made promptly. 

What are the benefits of using Plooto for managing retail accounts payable? 

Using Plooto for your retail accounts payable and receivable offers significant benefits: 

Improved cash flow management: Automates payments and tracks expenses to help you manage cash flow effectively.
Increased accuracy: Minimizes human errors in invoice processing and payments to suppliers.
Enhanced efficiency: Speeds up the payable process by automating routine AP tasks, allowing your AP department to focus on strategic activities.

How does Plooto ensure accuracy in the accounts payable process for retail businesses? 

Plooto enhances accuracy by automating the entry and reconciliation of payable data, reducing the likelihood of errors commonly associated with manual processing. Our system also provides detailed reports and audits of all transactions to ensure every payment is justified and correct. 

What support does Plooto offer to retail companies implementing an AP solution? 

Plooto provides comprehensive support to retail companies, from the initial setup of the AP automation solution through to daily operations. Our team assists with integrating our platform with your existing systems, training your AP department, and offering continuous customer support.