Your Mission Control for Accounts Payable and Receivable

Plooto is an all-in-one payment platform that provides greater financial control and simplicity by unifying payments, approvals, reconciliation, and reporting.

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For Accountants & Bookkeepers

Managing AP and AR for your clients is finally efficient, streamlined and profitable.

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For Small-Medium-Sized Businesses

Pay, get paid, and manage your finance operations
from a single online tool.

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Gain Control With Fast, Secure Payments

Efficient Accounts Payable That Saves Countless Hours

Use the same system to pay anyone, whether it's domestic or international, client or vendor, by ACH/EFT or check, and reconcile with your accounting software all in one place.

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Easy Accounts Receivable to Get Paid Faster With Less Work

Whether you’re collecting a one-off payment from a new customer, or debiting the bank account of a client, Plooto makes it easy to have certainty over your cash flow.

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Build Scalable Workflows, Eliminate Complexities

Read our eBook to learn how to build scalable workflows & manage automated payments

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Simplify Payment Workflows

Reduce the number of touch-points for every transaction.

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Customize Approval Tiers

Review and approve payments before any funds are transferred.

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Real-Time Payment Tracking

Never worry about where your money is, or when it will arrive.

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Automatic Reconciliation

 Accounting software integration keeps your books consistent.

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Smart Integrations to Accounting Software

Two-way sync with top accounting software eliminates data entry errors and inefficiency while automatic reconciliation means accurate books with zero effort.

Plooto and QuickBooks Integration


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Plooto and Xero Integration


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Anita Veldhuisen
Veldhuisen Construction

The time I spend on bookkeeping is a third of what it was previously, because of the QuickBooks integration. We've also cut our costs by half.

 Andrew Abony
Andrew Abony
Co-Founder & CEO, Adbloom

Plooto has played a tremendous part in facilitating Adbloom's global growth. It saves us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, efficiently handling thousands of payments each month.

 David DiNardo
David DiNardo
President & CEO, Envolta

I tell my clients, 'If you want to eliminate checks and make everything electronic, you can't do it without Plooto.'

Varun Sehgal
Partner, Think Accounting

For any business with a recurring fee model, Plooto is a no brainer. It eliminates paper, smooths out cash flow, reduces AR headache, and so much more. For modern businesses running in the cloud, Plooto is a must!

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