Your Mission Control for Cash Management

Spend less time managing payment workflows and more time growing your business.

Built to meet you where you are — and scale to where you’re going.

buildings (1)For businesses

Secure, automated payables and receivables keep you on top of your business and help you harness cash flow to grow.

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calculatorFor accounting firms

Automate workflows, approvals, and reconciliation. Spend less time on non-billable tasks, fixing mistakes, and more time delivering value to clients.

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bank-note (2)For finance teams

Centralize payment workflows and automate reconciliation across every business location and entity. Unlock cash flow visibility and reduce costly human-error.

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All payment workflows
on one platform.

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Accounts Payable

Automate your complete payment cycle, and ensure that your payables are processed quickly and efficiently.

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Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster, decrease payment processing mistakes, and create a more streamlined accounts receivable process.

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Online Check Payments

Skip bank lines, in-person signatures, and lengthy approvals using full-service check payments.

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Credit Card Acceptance

Add the option to pay via credit card so you can get paid faster than ever—as soon as 2 business days.

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International Payments

Make payments around the world and enjoy competitive exchange rates on your transactions.

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Automated Invoice Management

Make invoice management as hands-free as possible with easy-to-use automated processes.

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Canada Revenue Agency Payments

Canadian customers can pay government remittances in one place from payroll deductions to tax payments.

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Plooto Integrations

Automatically reconcile payments in QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite through seamless integrations.

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Getting started with Plooto

1. Sign up for a free trial

Getting started is easy—and free. All we need is your name and email to get your account up and running! Don't forget to verify your email address (we aren’t fans of those pesky bots).

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2. Completing the verification process

Getting started is easy and free. All we need is your name and email to get your account up and running! We aren't fans of those pesky bots, so don't forget to verify your email address.

Verify your company

Because we’re a B2B payment automation platform, we’ll need your company name, address, and operating status.

Verifying your company >

Verify yourself

Time to meet the person behind the screen! To confirm your identity, we’ll ask for a photo ID.

Connect your bank

Plooto can’t process your payments unless we have access to your bank account. Connecting your account ensures your Plooto experience is seamless.

Verifying your bank account >

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3. Setting up Plooto & making payments

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Connect accounting software

Take advantage of a two-way data sync and let Plooto handle your reconciliation. We sync with both Xero, Quickbooks & NetSuite.

Connecting your accounting software to Plooto >

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Add your company users

Adding company users is important, especially if you plan on using features like our approval workflows.

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Add your business’s payees

Next, let’s add your contacts, vendors, or suppliers so you can start making and receiving payments.

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receive-money (2)

Start making and receiving payments

You're all set! You can now easily send and receive payments and gain complete cash flow visibility.

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4. Congratulations!

You’re ready to automate your payments and gain control over your cash.

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10,000+ companies are powered by Plooto

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See what businesses like yours are saying

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David DiNardo

“You’re eliminating a manual process with an electronic tool.”

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Emily Ahier
Finance Manager

“Using the Plooto platform we save approximately 40+ hours a month.”

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Tom Yawney
Director of Business Development
The Influence Agency

“We can send everything in a moment, very, very simple!”

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