Plooto is Committed to World-Class Security

At Plooto, we put trust above all. That’s why our number one priority is security. Designed from the ground up with security and compliance at the forefront, our platform consistently meets or exceeds rigorous regulatory compliance governance standards for Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest financial institutions.

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Lock with data encryption and secure infrastructure

Greater protection — and peace of mind — for finance teams

Bank systems aren’t built for businesses like yours. Plooto is. With unmatched protection and 99.99% uptime, our secure platform is stress-free for accountants and bookkeepers. In partnership with leading technology and payment providers, we deliver continuous security enhancements, ongoing employee training, and more. So pick Plooto when you’re ready to spend less time worrying about breaches and more time growing your business.

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How Plooto delivers next-gen data security

Plooto protects customer data with the same standards, protocols, and premiere partners that keep government agencies and global financial institutions safe and secure.

Plooto uses Microsoft’s industry-leading infrastructure

All data processed by Plooto is isolated and segregated. Microsoft Azure hosts our cloud-based infrastructure using multilayered, built-in security controls and unique intelligence to identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

We encrypt all data traffic

Without exception, all Plooto data is encrypted in transit and at rest: From our servers for your browser, from your browser to our servers, and before storage. Encryption keeps sensitive information safe from unauthorized third parties.

Access to your data is strictly limited

We only store the information we need to serve your business and comply with laws, and it’s only accessible by a few specially trained employees. And we’ll never ask for social security numbers, bank login credentials, or passwords.

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Two-factor authentication delivers added protection

For reduced risk against cyber threats like phishing, stolen passwords, and brute-force attacks, Plooto offers two-factor authentication (2FA). Before any user can access data, 2FA requires them to provide two forms of identification.

Comprehensive insurance covers our customers

One of the world’s largest insurance providers holds our policy. Coverage includes cybercrime protection, financial crime and theft protection, professional liability insurance, and more.

Payment security is our priority

As a licensed money transmission business in Canada, Plooto works with Tier 1 banks and must meet multiple security and auditing standards from its partner banks, processing partners, and regulators.

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Read our next-gen security white paper >
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Read our white paper: Next-generation payment security

Learn more about our commitment to protecting customer data. This white paper covers the security protocols and checkpoints of our:

  • Payment network
  • Cloud platform infrastructure
  • Payment platform
  • Bank account validation

Download our security white paper >

Next Generation Payment Security: Our commitemtn to world-class security

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