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At Plooto, protecting our customer's accounts, data and money is our top priority.

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A strong security strategy allows Plooto to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our customersβ€˜ information, and enables us to deliver 99.99% up-time and availability of our system. We meet or exceed international security standards and deliver exceptional financial and data security. Our continuous security enhancements, employee training, and close partnerships with leading technology and payment providers demonstrates our commitment to world-class security.

We Invest Heavily in Security at Plooto

From data encryption to secure infrastructure and trusted partners, Plooto adopts the same security standards that governments and banks use worldwide.

Data Encryption

Plooto always uses the latest encryption standards. All data, without exception, is encrypted when it is sent from Plooto servers to your browser and from your browser to Plooto servers; in transit and at rest. Additionally, any data saved by Plooto is encrypted before storage.

Secure Infrastructure

Plooto uses Microsoft Azure for all data hosting, which features industry-leading security on cloud infrastructure. All data that is processed by Plooto takes place in an isolated and segregated environment to ensure unauthorized parties never have access to your data.

Download the Plooto Security White Paper 

Access Controls for Your Data 

Plooto does not store data unless it’s needed to provide you excellent service or to comply with the law. Plooto will never store details like your social security number or bank login credentials. Plooto employees will never ask for your password through any form of communication, and do not have access to that information. Further, only a handful of specially trained employees have access to the data you share to complete your company verification (KYC) process. 


ISO Certified

Extending to both physical and digital security, Plooto is certified under the ISO 27001 standard. Regular external audits are enforced to maintain this certification and continuous updates are made to security policies accordingly.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Plooto offers secure two-factor authentication login for all users. This means that you will have additional protection against account threats such as login information theft and phishing attempts


Insurance for All Parties

Plooto holds a comprehensive insurance policy to protect both parties, Plooto and our valued customers, for additional peace of mind. 

Our White Paper will Explore:

  • Payment Network
  • Cloud Platform Infrastructure
  • Plooto Platform
  • Bank Account Validation

Download the Plooto Security White Paper 


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