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Fully Electronic Check Signing and Payments with Plooto

Our customers already know the value of Plooto and the ease of electronic payments, but we realize that sometimes you still have to rely on traditional check payment methods. Plooto continues to advance its offering and is here to support our customer's ever-changing needs.

That’s why today we are thrilled to announce full-service check printing and delivery across the United States to any of your vendors, including large utilities. The benefit of managing check payments online is that they can be sent without needing face-to-face meetings for signatures and approvals, while still having full visibility of the payment so you can see the approvals and status of your check payments on Plooto as you currently can with electronic payments made today.

Below you can read more about:

  1. How Do Check Payments Work in Plooto?
  2. How Can I Pay Using Checks on Plooto?
  3. What Will My Vendor See When They Receive the Check?
  4. What Does It Cost to Send a Check Payment in Plooto?

How Do Check Payments Work in Plooto?

Plooto will handle all of the printing and mailing of the check to your US-based payee. All you need to do is setup the payment and handle the approvals. Once your payment is approved, it will begin processing just like an electronic payment:

  1. The payment account will be debited,
  2. Plooto will print and mail the check to your payee,
  3. You maintain full visibility on the status of funds through your online Plooto dashboard.

Check payments mailed through the Plooto system will be delivered across the United Sates via USPS, and will normally arrive anywhere from 3-5 days after your payment begins processing.

It is important to note that Canadian customers can also benefit from this new feature. Although, you will not be able to send checks to Canadian vendors, check payments through Plooto can be used to pay any vendor or biller in the United States.

How Can I Pay Using Checks on Plooto?

Setting up your payments to be delivered via mailed check is just as simple as creating any other electronic payment method. When you're adding the method of paying your contact, you'll simply need to select Mailed Check as the payment method. Then, enter the name and mailing address for your vendor to complete setup.

How Can I Pay Using Electronic Checks on Plooto?

You can then create your payment, handle the approvals, and track the status of your check payment funds right through your dashboard. Plooto will handle the printing and mailing your check from there.

What Will My Vendor See When They Receive the Check?

The printed delivery to your vendor will be a sheet with a detachable check at the bottom, so your vendor can see a full breakdown of the payment, containing all the necessary information to apply the payment correctly.

The vendor will see a page similar to the sample below:

What Will My Vendor See When They Receive the Check?

The top portion will include your company's name, your account number with that vendor, and a breakdown of all the items that make up that payment. The detachable check at the bottom will also include your company's name, your payee's name, and the payment total.

What Does It Cost to Send a Check Payment in Plooto?

Each domestic check payment within the United States will cost $1.99, which includes all processing, printing, and postage fees. The price for international check payments is $9.99 and includes the same services. Please note that if your account has free domestic transactions, those credits only apply to electronic payments made. For complete pricing details, see here.

Whether your business prefers secure digital payments or traditional checks, continue to enjoy faster and safer AP automation with Plooto.

What are you waiting for? Send your first check payment with Plooto today! New to Plooto? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to see all the benefits of AP/AR automation.

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