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Plooto Blog

How to Choose Software for Your Accounting Practice

The app ecosystem has exploded over in the last few years, providing accountants and businesses with countless new tools that promise efficiency,..

New Plooto Functionality: Include Invoices and Select a Default Bank Account

We’ve launched some helpful new features that will make it easier and faster to approve and set up payments.

Live Webinar: Q&A with AIS Solutions - Intuit's Firm of the Future Winner

Join our discussion with Juliet Aurora and Steve Loates of AIS Solutions, Intuit's Firm of the Future winner. AIS Solutions began as a small..

How AIS Solutions Provides Real-Time Financial Support to Clients

AIS Solutions is an Ontario, Canada based bookkeeping and QuickBooks training practice that focuses on providing business owners with “no hassle”..

The Hidden Costs of Checks

Despite the fact that consumers have adopted digital and mobile payment methods, checks remain the most common method of payment for businesses...

How Shift Accounting Used Plooto to Give Clients Greater Efficiency and Oversight

Shift is a Calgary-based accounting firm that specializes in integrated accounting and financial consultation for the dental industry. Today,..

How to Pay an Overseas Business, Vendor or Supplier

In today’s global economy, it’s only a matter of time until businesses need to buy from or sell to an international company. While our economic..

Why You Need to Cut Out Checks

In the years after World War II, checks became ubiquitous. People used them to pay for anything from their groceries to their vendors. A lot has..

New Language Functionality: Send French Email Notifications

We launched French-language email notifications. Now you can designate whether you would like a contact to receive French or English email..

Scary Things You Didn’t Know about Payment Fraud

Does the idea of losing money to fraudsters have you spooked? Even if you have never experienced payment fraud at your organization, you need to..