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Shariq Babar

What led you to join Plooto, and what has your journey been like since then? 

As someone who majored in Economics, I was always interested in working in fintech. When I was looking for startups to apply to, the name Plooto kept coming up. Plooto is well known in the Toronto startup space, and I thought the company would be a good fit.   

One of the most exciting aspects of my Plooto journey has been being part of the growth of the company. We secured Series B funding after I joined, and I’ve since been part of many big projects and new products. Due to this rapid change and growth, I have learned a tremendous amount.   

What skills or experiences helped you get to where you are today?  

As a new graduate, I had never studied marketing. I learned everything I know about marketing on the job. During my first few years, I specifically learned how to market a B2B product.  

Of course my core skill is writing. However, I think in B2B marketing, the ability to do effective research is key. My job requires a lot of distillation of complex concepts into simple copy and content.   

What have you learned about yourself or the industry while working at Plooto?  

The fintech industry is ever-changing. There is much innovation driven by competition from our southern neighbor. Though the Canadian fintech space is smaller, some unique solutions cater to the Canadian economy's unique characteristics.   

How does your work impact Plooto's success and the success of its clients?  

My job is to create and communicate the value of Plooto to prospective and current customers. If I do my job well, not only does Plooto benefit from a more engaged and knowledgeable client, but also the client better understands the gaps in their financial management and how they can address them.  

What makes Plooto a unique place to work?  

The people. Every Plootonian you meet brings a diverse background and experience that you can learn from. I love learning about how different parts of the business operate, and all Plootonians are eager to help each other progress in their careers. 

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to join Plooto or a similar company?  

If you're aspiring to join Plooto, definitely give our leadership principles a look. They are guiding principles that we strive towards every day. If you see yourself in those principles, communicate that to the company.   

To join any other startup or fintech company, my advice is very simple: Show your prospective company that you are always willing to learn and ready to face new and unexpected challenges.  


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