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Accelerate Sales: The Tools You Need

Plooto focuses on helping our clients save time and money when it comes to managing their accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) workflow. We make sure the entire process is streamlined and focused on the user experience. Since we want our clients to love using Plooto, we want our sales team to love using the tools we have provided them with! We are going to go over the top sales tools our team currently uses to help make their days more efficient and much more streamlined.


CRM TOOLS: HubSpot & Salesforce

With hundreds if not thousands of businesses we interact with each day through email, phone, or in person, we need a tool that can take on that weight and keep track of our day-to-day meetings. This tool comes in the form of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This allows our team to access and track all the information they need to make sure our clients are successful. Currently, we use HubSpot and Salesforce, which integrate with one another to make the sharing of information much for accessible.


With both these tools, we are able to see the entire customer life cycle from the moment they looked for a solution like Plooto to when they onboarded and how active they have been on their account. We are able to pull reports to see which clients need assistance with their onboarding and which contact we should approach for each client-related issue.



For any sales team to be successful, they must prospect and generate leads to supplement whatever the marketing team is producing. The trouble with prospecting is if you don't know where or how to prospect, then a lot of time will be wasted contacting the wrong people. The common belief in the sales world is that "more activity means more deals." This sounds right, but if the activity has zero results, no matter how many activities there are, the results will stay the same. This is why we believe that "activities with the right people mean more deals." But how do you find the right people before contacting them? You pick up a lead generation/prospecting tool.


Currently, our sales team is using Apollo. Apollo has a vast library of various industries and direct contacts for employees within each business. This tool works great when looking for leads within a new industry and trying to understand the key decision-makers within the business. Apollo provides you with the company, industry, employee size, revenue per year, contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses. All of which is vital to the salesperson trying to find businesses that would benefit from a tool like Plooto. These tools are great for social networking, as well. Once you find the right contact, it would be great to add them on LinkedIn and start having a professional conversation with them to introduce yourself.


Another great thing about this tool is the ability to sync with Salesforce and HubSpot to ensure the information is accurate and keep the sales team up-to-date to if that client has already been spoken to yet or not.



The most key and effective tool that every salesperson has ever used has been, and for the foreseeable future, will be the phone. The phone allows the salesperson to connect with any client anywhere. This tool is also used everywhere in the sales cycle, from prospecting all the way through to account management to ensure they are successful. There is a lot of useful information gathered through the phone, and with all our other tools being online, why shouldn't the phone connect online as well? This way, phone calls can automatically integrate with your other systems, reduce the amount of admin work for your sales team, and allow them more time to do what they do best, making phone calls.


Currently, our team at Plooto is using Aircall for their inbound and outbound calls. Aircall syncs up to Salesforce and HubSpot and automatically links to the profile we are trying to reach. Moreover, logs and saves a recording of the call. Aircall also provided insights into the call and shows us the connection rate of how many answered and how many went to voicemail. With Aircall, you can use the tools mentioned above to create a report of outbound leads. Once the report is made, you can create a power dialler through Aircall, and it will dial all the numbers on that list for you, which will scientifically save you time from having to look for them yourself and also making a mistake of calling the wrong number since both Salesforce and HubSpot sync with Apollo and ZoomInfo.



There are many tools out there, but these are the tools that our Sales Team uses to help our clients be successful and continue to love using Plooto.


Don't forget, for your finance or your finance team, Plooto is the only tool that is needed to streamline all accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.


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