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How Shift Accounting Used Plooto to Give Clients Greater Efficiency and Oversight

Shift is a Calgary-based accounting firm that specializes in integrated accounting and financial consultation for the dental industry. Today, Shift uses cloud-based software to help deliver insights and efficiencies to its clients. However, Shift didn't begin this way.

Find out how founder and CEO Mohamed Ismail saw an opportunity to modernize Shift's practice through cloud software, enabling his clients' businesses to grow and his practice to thrive.

  1. Payments were a challenge
  2. Check payments were inefficient and insecure
  3. EFT payments were expensive and labor-intensive
  4. Shift needed cloud payments
  5. Clients gained efficiency and substantial cost savings

Payments were a challenge

Initially Shift was using a combination of checks and EFTs for its clients' payments. Mohamed Ismail saw a number of issues with these payment methods, however.

Check payments were inefficient and insecure

Mohamed saw that his clients often lost control over security, usually by bypassing approvals or other security measures, to make check payment processes more efficient. If clients wanted to retain full control over payments, they needed to take time away from other tasks and be physically present to sign each check individually - and this is not very efficient. He and his clients could not find a way to make checks both secure and efficient.

EFT payments were expensive and labor-intensive

Mohamed’s workflow required him and his clients to complete four or five manual steps and uploads to process a single EFT payment. Plus, the costs were exorbitant. Setting up the EFT facility cost $70, and each payment was an additional $10. It was time-consuming, manual, and costly to use EFT payments.

Mohamed wanted to offer his clients a better solution that was flexible, secure and less expensive.

“People are busy, and they need efficient systems. EFTs were very expensive and a lot of work. Checks didn’t give my clients efficiency or control. These methods weren't working well for us.” - Mohamed Ismail

Shift needed cloud payments

As Shift Accounting transitioned all of its accounting systems to the cloud, Mohamed also looked for a new solution for payments. Enter Plooto, a cost-effective technology for businesses to manage their payments. Plooto helps accountants and businesses manage AP and AP, with the ability to pay vendors and collect from clients using simple technology. Plooto also helps to eliminate data entry through its integration with accounting software.

Mohamed found Plooto easy to use, and it integrated seamlessly with his cloud accounting platform, Xero. Best of all, on-boarding and [transitioning his clients]( was fast and efficient.

“I can have a quick call with my clients to show them how to use Plooto and get them set-up in minutes.” - Mohamed Ismail

Clients gained efficiency and substantial cost savings

Using Plooto, Shift Accounting could offer its clients a secure and efficient payment solution that gave business leaders complete oversight and control. It helps clients save time by eliminating manual processes, and it significantly reduces their costs.

“One of our clients is saving around eight hours of time in their AP processes and $150 per month using Plooto. To anyone considering switching to Plooto, just give it a try. Once you take one step, you will see that you were wasting time and money before.” - Mohamed Ismail

Shift is a Calgary-based, interactive accounting firm that specializes in integrated accounting and financial consultation for the dental industry. Shift takes a proactive approach to Accounting\Bookkeeping, capturing data in real-time and providing forecasting and advice based on each client’s business situation as it stands right now — not once the year is over.

Mohamed’s passion for technology and experience with the dental and medical industry led him to open one of the creative cloud-based Management Accounting service for dentists and other healthcare providers. Mohamed and his team focus heavily on using cloud-based systems to help clients reach their financial goals. Their niche focus has allowed them to build strong relationships with clients and develop expert knowledge in the industry. Their combined experience has given rise to insight into how profitable practices build strong accounting processes to help them boost their bottom line.

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