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Cloud accounting is shaking up the industry, creating new opportunities for bookkeepers and accountants. Those that have embraced these technologies are offering better services and world-class experiences to their clients while also creating internal cost savings and efficiencies. They are expanding their practices by adding modern, streamlined AP and AR services with no additional hassle.

However, migrating to the cloud requires changing processes, navigating the app ecosystem, and learning new software. It means adapting your billing model to your new services and teaching your clients how to use your new technologies.

In our upcoming webinar with Xero, we'll discuss how to overcome these hurdles so that you reap the benefits of cloud accounting. You'll learn:


  • Why cloud accounting will help your practice grow and succeed
  • How to get started with cloud accounting and how use new software and apps
  • Demo - how to use Xero and Plooto to streamline AP and AR

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