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Get Access to Exclusive Perks: Introducing Plooto Certified Pro

Now you can get even more from Plooto. We’ve launched a new Certified Pro Program, which gives accountants and bookkeepers (and their clients) in Canada access to exclusive perks.


Here’s what you’ll have access to as a member:

Faster Payments

We’re reducing clearing time for your online payments by one business day for Certified Pros.

Preferred Pricing for CRA remittances

Certified Pro Accountants get $2.00 CRA remittances. Making CRA remittances through Plooto is easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Dedicated Account Manager

We’re here to help! You’ll receive an assigned account manager specifically for you and your clients.

With all of these great benefits, your next question is probably “how do I become a Certified Pro?”. You’ll need to be an existing Plooto accountant or bookkeeper, so your first step is to register yourself and your clients on Plooto. Then, complete a 30-minute online certification. After that, you will become a member of the program and you can begin taking advantage of these great perks!

Reach out to sales@plooto.com to get started. Take the 30-minute online certification here.

Entry to program subject to approval. Available to Canadian Accounting/Bookkeeping firms only.

Gayle Ryan

Gayle is a marketing aficionado and a content writer at Plooto. She is here to help you get all of the information you need to make payments a breeze.

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