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Stay on top of your cash. And get ahead—way ahead.

settings-sliders (1)Handle your workflow the way you want.

Use custom rules to automate, route, and customize payment approvals to the right team member at the right time.

eyeFocus your attention on the big picture.

Eliminate the tedious paperwork and manual Accounts Payable tasks to focus on higher value work to move your business forward.

bank-note (2)Get smart about your money.

Time your payments to better manage your cash and ensure you are taking advantage of all early-payment discounts.

appsDo it all with total, seamless integration.

With your accounting software, your bank, and your Plooto account all seamlessly integrated, you'll maximize efficiency.

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Make the most of accounts payable automation with:

  • Powerful approval workflows
  • Customizable approval tiers
  • Complete audit trails and record-keeping
  • Cash flow visibility
  • Secure ACH/EFT payments
  • Seamless accounting integrations
  • International payments across 40+ countries

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How Plooto saved the Influence Agency hours.

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Fast, easy payments with Plooto Instant

Cut the time it takes to send payments by half, and never worry about running late on bills and invoices again.


Pre-fund your account

Fund your Plooto Instant account from a verified bank account.
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Select Plooto Instant

Select your Plooto Instant account when you're making a payment.
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Send Payments Faster

Cut down lengthy processing times and keep business moving.

Smart integrations with accounting software

Two-way sync with top accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero ant Netsuite to eliminate data entry errors and gain more accurate books.

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Even more options. Even more payment flexibility.

bank (2)CRA Remittance

Canadian customers can pay government remittances in one place from payroll deductions to tax payments.

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landscape (2)Online Checks

Skip the in-person signatures and approvals when you pay via check. Full-service includes printing and mailing.

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globe (4)International Payments

Make payments around the world and enjoy competitive exchange rates without the transfer fees*.

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*Excludes fees on non foreign exchange, check, and same-currency transactions. Industry and discretionary rates apply, and are subject to change. A complete conversion cost estimate is viewable when payment is created or via our foreign exchange calculator.

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David DiNardo

“You’re eliminating a manual process with an electronic tool.”

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Emily Ahier
Finance Manager

“Using the Plooto platform we save approximately 40+ hours a month.”

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Tom Yawney
Director of Business Development
The Influence Agency

“We can send everything in a moment, very, very simple!”


How does Plooto streamline accounts payable processes for businesses?

Plooto simplifies accounts payable through centralized automation, consolidating bills and invoices. Its user-friendly AP automation software optimizes workflows, enabling efficient scheduling, tracking, and payment, reducing the need for manual tasks.

Can Plooto assist in efficiently managing multiple bills and invoices?

Yes, Plooto efficiently manages multiple bills and invoices with its comprehensive AP automation software. This solution organizes payables, simplifying invoicing needs and minimizing manual processes associated with financial document management.

What payment options does Plooto's AP automation software offer for settling accounts payable?

Plooto's AP automation software provides diverse payment options, including secure bank transfers and electronic payments. Users choose preferred methods, enhancing flexibility and convenience in the settlement process, reducing reliance on manual data entry.

How does Plooto ensure secure and reliable payments for accounts payable processes?

Plooto ensures secure accounts payable transactions by employing industry-standard encryption and strict security protocols within its AP automation software. Users can trust the reliability of payments, minimizing risks associated with manual processes.

Can I automate recurring payments for regular bills using Plooto's AP automation software?

Yes, Plooto's AP automation software allows users to set up recurring payments for regular bills and invoices. This time-saving feature automates payments for monthly expenses, reducing manual efforts and preventing late fees associated with manual data entry.

Can I track payment statuses in real-time using Plooto's AP automation software?

Absolutely. Plooto's AP automation software provides real-time tracking of payment statuses, offering immediate visibility into accounts payable progress. Users monitor initiation, processing, and completion, enhancing transparency and control over financial transactions, minimizing reliance on manual processes.

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