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Three Reasons Why Companies Love Using Plooto

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Automated Accounts Receivable is Easier

Automatically import invoices and save time with Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) and recurring payment features of Plooto’s automated accounts receivable software.

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Stay Ahead of your Cash Flow

Optimize your cash flow, track invoices, and know when your clients pay. Never worry about where your money is again!

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Stop Chasing Receivables

Plooto’s accounts receivable invoice automation gives you clear insight into your pending, completed, and new receivables all from one place. 

Get Paid by Credit Card

Make your accounts receivable process faster than fast with credit cards. Give your customers more flexibility and get paid as soon as 2 business days.

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Plooto's Accounts Receivable Automation Platform Includes:

  • Automatic accounting reconciliation
  • Recurring payments
  • Pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreements
  • Client/contact management
  • Seamless accounting integrations
  • Payment reporting status
  • Secure EFT, ACH and credit card payments

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Learn how Insert Coin Accounting modernized their
Accounts Receivable with Plooto

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Recurring Payments Made Simple

Optimized for payments across industries, set up automatic collection with just one click. Plooto’s Accounts Receivable automation software handles the entire Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) process for you.


Add Your Clients, Customers or Donors

All you need is your contacts’ email address.


Customers View and Pay Invoices Online

A fast and easy process for your customers.


Payments Directly Made From Bank-to-Bank

With automated accounts receivable, payment is debited from your customers’ bank.

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Smart Integrations to Accounting Software

Two-way sync with top accounting software eliminates data entry errors and inefficiency while automatic reconciliation means accurate books with zero effort.



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For any business with a recurring fee model, Plooto is a no brainer. Plooto’s accounts receivable process automation eliminates paper, smooths out cash flow, reduces Accounts Receivable headaches, and so much more. For modern businesses running in the cloud, Plooto automated accounts receivable software is a must!
Tyler Anderson
COO, FinTech Growth Syndicate

We have one person who oversees accounting, finance, taxes, and expenses. It's only a part-time gig, and that's more than enough because we have all the automation that Plooto enables.

Glenn Swann
COO, The Well

We operate 100% remotely. We tried different things, including bank e-payment systems, but it was always very clunky. By using Plooto, we've transitioned our finance operations to be 100% digital.

Owais Lightwala
Managing Director, Why Not Theatre

Getting Plooto was a lifesaver. I suddenly had a much easier system that I could control directly rather than outsourcing. Plooto provides massive time savings.

Varun Sehgal
Partner, Think Accounting

For any business with a recurring fee model, Plooto is a no brainer. It eliminates paper, smooths out cash flow, reduces accounts receivable headache, and so much more. For modern businesses running in the cloud, Plooto is a must!

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