Simplify and Automate Your Accounts Payable

A simple and secure accounts payable automation software solution with powerful automations and smart workflows. Plooto makes your Accounts Payable processes ultra efficient, saving you time and money.

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How Automation Simplifies Your Accounts Payable Process

1. Select payment, all bills automatically imported from your accounting software
2. Choose how you want to pay and select account to pay from
3. Request and receive approvals with automatic email notifications
4. Payment is made and reconciled with your accounting software

Four Reasons Why Companies Love Using Plooto

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Accounts Payable in the Cloud with Electronic Payments

With your accounting software, your bank, and your Plooto account all seamlessly integrated, you'll maximize efficiency.

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Take Control of your Accounts Payable Workflow

Use custom rules to automate, route, and customize payment approvals to the right team member at the right time with Plooto’s accounts payable software.

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Spend your Time on High Value Tasks

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Improve your Business Cash Flow

Take Your AP To the Next Level With the Plooto Network

Access to 120,000+ vendors and suppliers

Take advantage of the Plooto Network and add all your vendors, suppliers, and billers in two clicks. Simply add all your vendors, suppliers, and billers in two clicks.
Every single business payment can now be made on a single platform with Plooto - including those paid by check. How?

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Plooto's AP Automation Software Platform Includes:

  • Powerful approval workflows
  • Customizable approval tiers
  • Complete audit trails and record-keeping
  • Cash flow visibility
  • Secure ACH/EFT payments
  • Seamless accounting integrations
  • International payments across 30+ countries
  • Secure e-transfers

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Learn how The Influence Agency saved hours on their Payables with Plooto

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Next Business Day Payments With Plooto Instant

Eliminate clearing time for bank transfers with Plooto’s accounts payable workflow automation and never run late on bills and invoices due to long processing times again.

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Pre-fund your Account

Fund your Plooto Instant account from a verified bank account.

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Select Plooto Instant

Select your Plooto Instant account when you're making a payment.

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Next-day Payment

The payment will arrive in your payee's account next-business-day.

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Smart Integrations to Accounting Software

Two-way sync with top accounting software means Plooto’s accounts payable invoice automation eliminates data entry errors and inefficiency while automatic reconciliation means accurate books with zero effort.



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More Than Just Accounts Payable

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International Payments

Make payments around the world for a flat $9.99 fee, with competitive exchange rates to your bank.

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Full service check payments across the United States without requiring in-person signatures and approvals.

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CRA Remittance

Canadian customers can pay government remittances in one place from payroll deductions to tax payments.

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Vanessa Underwood
Director of Finance, JA Canada

My bookkeeper can set up our payables, I can view and approve in Toronto, and my boss in Calgary can do the same. It's automated, it's perfect.

Srinivas Pabbaraju
CPA, Controller, True North Mortgage

We want to make sure that our payees get paid on time. By depositing funds directly to their bank account, Plooto helps us minimize costs of printing and mailing checks, as well as saving us time following up on uncashed checks.

Tyler Anderson
COO, FinTech Growth Syndicate

We have one person who oversees accounting, finance, taxes, and expenses. It's only a part-time gig, and that's more than enough because we have all the automation that Plooto enables.

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