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Greenhouse is a Canadian organic beverage company that offers various products like cold-pressed juice, kombuchas, plantmilks, plant-based shakes, and boosters across Canada with a mission to “offer widespread, sustainable access to plant-based nutrition and wellness of the highest quality.” 

The hidden costs of manual payment processes 

Before adopting Plooto, accounts payable practices were done manually, from downloading and printing invoices from received emails, sitting in a room going through each check to attach it to supporting invoices, then gathering and sorting, to a manual check run with the CEO. The manual procedure also exposed their finance team to the risks of making double payments to their vendors. 

“On my first day at Greenhouse, I was given a stack of invoices with checks for our accounts payable team and I sat with our CEO in a room and went through each individual payment,” Chase Winters, Chief Performance Officer at Greenhouse, said. 

Greenhouse spent a lot of time doing cash reconciliations while following up with their vendors to see where their checks were, having broken visibility of their cash flow. Additionally, they were exposed to risks of missing and delayed payment due to lost checks in the mails. 

Then along came Plooto,” Chase said. “It completely changed our financial efficiency at Greenhouse.”

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Newfound efficiencies with Plooto 

With Plooto, Greenhouse eliminated all traditional manual financial processes and fully automated their financial processes, increasing control over their finance: 

  • QuickBooks accounting software integration - The automated two-way sync between Plooto and their accounting software eliminated all the manual processes. 
  • Audit trail providing full visibility of their cash flow - Now, Greenhouse has complete visibility of all their payments. They know who approved the payments, when the payments were approved, when the funds will be debited to their account, and when the payment will arrive to the recipient. Greenhouse can easily check their cash flows daily. 

Saving time on payments to focus on what really matters 

Overall, Greenhouse has saved approximately 40 hours a month and 50k per year since adopting Plooto to manage their payments. 

“Plooto delivers an incredible service to us, freeing up our time and providing fantastic visibility into our finances so we can grow our business,” Chase said. 

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  • Save costs - Greenhouse was able to cut back on all costs associated with the manual processes, especially costs around paper checks. 
  • Payment security - Moving to a digital automation solution increased the security of their financial processes with no more risk of mailed checks going missing in transit or missing paper invoice trails. 
  • Payment flexibility - Greenhouse can effortlessly get the accounts payables approved by the CEO and review invoices on the software remotely at different times, allowing them to be more flexible with their workday. 

With Plooto, retail businesses like Greenhouse can focus on scaling their business by having efficiency in their day-to-day financial operations.

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