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Payment Automation Videos

Tune in for the latest payment automation news and updates. Watch webinars and how-to videos. And find out how Plooto puts you in control of cash management.

All about Plooto’s automated payment platform

Meet Plooto: Mission control for accounts payable and receivable

With Plooto’s automated platform, you’ll spend less time chasing receivables, waiting at the bank, and answering, “When can I expect payment?”

Control cash flow with Plooto

Say goodbye to painful manual payment processes. Learn how Plooto automates accounts payable and receivables.

Webinar: Streamline payments with the Plooto Network

Find out how the Plooto Network lets you add and pay vendors in just a few clicks — even those that can’t receive electronic payments.

Why bookkeepers and accountants ❤️ Plooto

See how finance teams that ditch manual processes for Plooto gain total control of cash flow, automatic, accurate reconciliation, and more.

Experience payment automation: How Plooto works

Make payments with Plooto

Learn how to create, approve, and make secure payments with Plooto in just a few clicks.

Collect payments with Plooto

Learn how to request and receive automatically reconciled payments with Plooto.

Get paid faster >

Pay partners in 30+ countries with Plooto

Plooto makes international payments as easy as domestic ones — even automatically converting currency.

Pay global partners >

Simplify CRA payments with Plooto

Pay the CRA with Plooto to bypass bank lines and the agency’s clunky online payment portal.

Pay CRA the easy way >

Pay by check with Plooto

Learn how to make secure check payments across the US without in-person signatures or approvals.

Make check payments online >

Customize approval processes with Plooto

Fast-track approvals with flexible rules and workflows. And automatically route them by amount, approver, and more.

Fast-track payment approvals >

Integrate Plooto with QuickBooks and Xero

Eliminate entry errors by automatically reconciling Plooto payments with invoices in your accounting software.

Sync Plooto and QuickBooks >

Learn how payment automation can transform your workflows.

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