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Provide your clients a higher level of service and increase your revenues while eliminating tedious manual work for everyone in your firm.

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Managing Accounts Payable and Receivable for Your Clients Is Finally Efficient, Streamlined and Profitable.

Standardize Your Entire AR/AP Process for Clients

A streamlined and automated process for gathering invoices, making/receiving payments and reconciling the books for your clients. Plus, a single dashboard to view all your clients and the status of payments.

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Take Control of Your Process Workflows

Use custom rules to automate your client AP/AR workflows. Easily route and customize payment approvals to the right person at the right time.

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Spend Time on Scaling Your Firm

Save yourself and your team from tedious paperwork and manual tasks. Eliminate the bulk of your time spent on AP/AR and focus on higher value work to move your business forward.

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Help Your Clients' Businesses Grow Faster

Provide your clients a strategic framework for planning, budgeting, forecasting and cash management activities, with greater visibility into their finances online.

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Enhance Financial Controls

Control over finances means you can mitigate fraud and ensure regulatory compliance for your clients.

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Improved Visibility

Having full visibility into financials means your clients can make better, more effective forecasting decisions

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Centralized Payments

One platform for all your clients payments means they can easily optimize their cash flow and working capital.

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Accounts Payable and Receivable Purpose Built for Efficiency

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International Payments

Make payments around the world for a flat $9.99 fee, with competitive exchange rates to your bank.

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Full service check payments across the United States without requiring in-person signatures and approvals.

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Pre-Authorized Debits

Easily set up automatic payment collection for your clients with just one click.

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Smart Integrations to Accounting Software

Two-way sync with top accounting software eliminates data entry errors and inefficiency while automatic reconciliation means accurate books with zero effort.



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Anita Veldhuisen
Veldhuisen Construction

The time I spend on bookkeeping is a third of what it was previously, because of the QuickBooks integration. We've also cut our costs by half.

 Andrew Abony
Andrew Abony
Co-Founder & CEO, Adbloom

Plooto has played a tremendous part in facilitating Adbloom's global growth. It saves us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, efficiently handling thousands of payments each month.

 David DiNardo
David DiNardo
President & CEO, Envolta

I tell my clients, 'If you want to eliminate checks and make everything electronic, you can't do it without Plooto.'

Varun Sehgal
Partner, Think Accounting

For any business with a recurring fee model, Plooto is a no brainer. It eliminates paper, smooths out cash flow, reduces AR headache, and so much more. For modern businesses running in the cloud, Plooto is a must!

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