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Use Plooto to transfer money within the United States, Canada and to over 30+ countries across the globe. Don't let borders stop you from running an international business.

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Flat Fee, International Payments

Save on expensive wire fees and make cross-border and international payments through Plooto for a flat fee of $9.99.

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Competitive Exchange Rates

With Plooto, you'll always get a great rate regardless of the value or number of international payments you send. 

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A Single Platform

Continue to enjoy the benefits of automated workflows and account reconciliation for all payment types.

Next Business Day International Payments With Plooto Instant

Eliminate clearing time for bank transfers and never run late on bills and invoices due to long processing times again.

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Pre-fund your Account

Fund your Plooto Instant account from a verified bank account.

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Select Plooto Instant

Select your Plooto Instant account when you're making a payment.

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Next-day Payment Made

The payment will arrive in your payee's account next-business-day.

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