How Plooto transforms AP & AR

Whether you want to pay vendors or get paid by your clients, Plooto makes the process hassle-free.

How Plooto really works

Ready-made payments synced automatically

Connect Plooto with your accounting software to auto-load upcoming bills and invoices. Reduce data entry and errors with ready-made payments.

Automate all your payment processes

Transfer money using email

Send the party an email through Plooto to initiate the transfer. Once they enter their bank information, payments are sent directly from one bank account to the other. It’s completely secure, and there’s no need to share sensitive financial information or deal with documents.

Automate all your payment processes

Different payments, same experience

Whether you are making domestic payments, international payments, collecting payments, or using a credit card, you can use Plooto in the same way. No confusing interfaces or varying processes – just set up your payment, and wait for the funds to transfer.

Same process for all features

Make business payments easy

Try Plooto for free. No credit card required.