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Plooto is a Major Game-Changer for the Influence Agency to Make & Receive Payments

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[Plooto, a] cloud-based system to receive payments to pay all of our vendors, has been a major game-changer for us.





+ $1,000/ Month

Cost Saved


An Incredible Amount of Time

Time Saved


Table of Contents

  1. The Client
  2. The Challenge
  3. The Solution
  4. The Result

The Client

The Influence Agency is a digital marketing and creative agency that partners with content creators, photographers, and videographers worldwide to develop advertising campaigns for brands, non-for-profits, and businesses.

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Digital Marketing Agency

Company Size:

40+ employees

Best Features:

Plooto Online Check Payments

Plooto International Payments


The Challenge

Like most businesses, in the beginning, the Influence Agency managed their business payments through the traditional check payments, which required printing and purchase of stamps and postages.


A growing team with a remote working environment made it even more challenging to manage the increasing number of payments going in and out across the world. The Influence Agency was confronted with the inefficiency of check payments.

It’s not the easiest process writing checks sending them, mailing them, making sure they received, making sure that everything is flowing on time.


Besides, working with international creators required their business to routinely send international payments with high international processing fees to different countries, including the United States, India, and the Philippines.


On the other side of their financial management, they paid “very hefty credit card fees,” adding up to “thousands of dollars every month to receive payments” for the work and service provided to their clients.



The Solution

As Plooto offered a single cloud-based system that allowed the Influence Agency to input invoices, connect to the bank, and connect to QuickBooks, the entire payments and receivables became simplified and consolidated.

We can send everything in a moment, very, very simple!


Now the Influence Agency can also receive payments without additional fees, “saving thousands of dollars every single month.” Plus, Plooto offers international payments to over 30 different countries for a flat price, and competitive exchange rates made a “huge difference” for the Influence Agency.



The Results

The repetitive tasks required to make payments to the same individual’s over and over each month to hundreds of people became simple and easy with Plooto, saving a tremendous amount of time.

It’s really hard to put a number on it, but Plooto has definitely saved us an incredible amount of time.


As time is a currency for the Influence Agency, besides the actual monetary cost saved for processing payments and receivables, unseen costs were also freed up by adopting Plooto, allowing the Influence Agency to produce creative campaigns for clients.


start saving costs & time on managing payments with a 30-day free trial

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