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Jonathan Tebeka

Jonathan Tebeka is the latest generation in a long line of entrepreneurs. Jonathan is the founder and CEO of ShelvingMate, a business that supplies industrial galvanized shelving, pallet racking, and warehouse automation solutions for businesses across North America.  

As someone surrounded by innovation, Jonathan is fascinated by the cutting edge and is always in search of efficiencies for his customers and his own company.   

“I love systems, I love automation, I love when things are fluid and work seamlessly,” Jonathan said. “When there are fewer manual tasks, there are fewer mistakes.”  

But when it came to making payments, the process proved challenging. 

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Fraud at the forefront 

Like many businesses, Jonathan paid his suppliers and vendors through checks. But after experiencing fraud twice within a month — where someone added an extra zero to a supplier check before cashing it — he knew he had to find a new solution.   

“Before Plooto, we were using checks to manually make all of our payments,” he said. “That caused a lot of mistakes, and it was such a waste of paper, time, and money.” 

Jonathan searched for an EFT service, but he found the options cumbersome and antiquated. He was also looking for a way to reconcile his payments with QuickBooks, but was told by his bank the only way to do that was to use a third-party payment solution. When searching for the best option, he found Plooto.  

Stacked payment efficiencies  

Plooto was a fresh payment automation platform that helped Jonathan implement the time savings he was looking for across his payment operations. As soon he plugged his QuickBooks into Plooto, his financial visibility drastically improved. 

“Plooto automates supplier payments and automatically reconciles them with our accounting software,” Jonathan said. “This saves me and our team a lot of time, prevents errors, and helps us focus on higher-value tasks.” 

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In addition to improving vendor relationships and eliminating fraud, Plooto has also automated the error-prone process of making payments manually. Now Jonathan can delegate lot of the day-to-day accounting processes, while he keeps final payment approvals.  

Businesses trust ShelvingMate to transform their warehouses, boosting efficiency and streamlining operations. ShelvingMate believes that every customer is unique with specific needs and challenges. That's why they go the extra mile to provide individualized attention to each project. Thanks in part to the time saved through payment automation, the company is better equipped to deliver on this commitment.  

 “Time is everything in our business, and anything that saves time and makes things more efficient is helpful,” he said.

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