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Innovation Accounting offers modernized accounting practice by implementing cloud-based accounting tools to allow full remote, accessible, and customizable accounting and bookkeeping services. They provide accounting, bookkeeping, and controllership services to charities, condo corporations, and few high-profile clients. 

Troubles with paper check processes 

Before adopting Plooto, Innovation Accounting suffered from manually printing checks and  usually sending checks for signatures and approvals to more than one individual per client company across Ontario, Canada. They faced inconvenience and delays draining value time on waiting for checks to arrive through the mail. 

Moreover, once the check is approved and signed, and returned to Innovation Account, it has to be sent out to the payee. Once sent to the payee, another long wait until the payee cash the check to the bank. 

And the bottlenecks didn’t end there. They also had to wait for the bank to process the check for Innovation Accounting to complete the payment by reconciling the book for the client. 

Problem solved by switching to Plooto 

Innovation Accounting was able to solve all the problems at once by adopting Plooto. Now with Plooto, Innovation Accounting can have both of the same officers look to the attached invoice online and approve it right away. 

Plus, since Plooto offers complete two-way sync with the accounting software, no more manual reconciliation was required and depend on the automatic reconciliation. 

Maximizing working potential 

Plooto allows Innovation Accounting to offer a complete cloud-based accounting service to clients. Their team shared that it would have been impossible to work at maximum efficiency without Plooto, and they’ve saved time to focus on taking on more accounts and plan for increasing online service and presence. 

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