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Pay your bills and get paid by clients — both domestic and international — in a click online.

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Sync your accounting software and import your bills & invoices.

Sync your accounting software to import your bills & invoices.


Pay or get paid from vendors in a click. All you need is their email.

Signing authorities can easily approve payments online from anywhere.


Pay or get paid from vendors in a click. All you need is their email.

Pay or get paid from vendors in a click, with just their email.


Plooto deposits or withdraws funds from your bank account.

Funds are securely transferred to and from your bank account.


Bills & invoices are marked as paid in your accounting software.

Bills & invoices are marked as paid in your accounting software.


A home base for all your payment needs

Whether you need domestic, international, mass or recurring payments—Plooto handles it all. No more jumping between multiple services to send or receive your payments.

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Make domestic and international bill payments


Everything you need to manage your payments

International payments are a breeze

Pay a client on the other side of the world without paying out-of-this-world transfer fees. Plooto saves you up to 90% in wire fees. No surprise costs means paying $9.99 flat every time.

See how much you can save

Send payments in a snap

Select outstanding bills, enter an amount and Plooto does the rest. Sit back and relax while payments are directly deposited into your vendors’ bank account regardless of where they’re located in the world.


Get paid faster

Accept both credit cards and direct debit from your clients bank payments. There’s no reason for late payments anymore.


Set it and forget it

Recurring payments are no longer a recurring nightmare. Schedule a repeat payment once and never worry about it again.


Approve payments from anywhere

Assign permissions to trusted team members and approve payments anytime, anywhere. You’re also notified if a payment is rejected or modified.


A match made in heaven

Plooto’s direct accounting software integration finishes your bookkeeping by automatically updating all your records.



Trusted by 55,000+ companies

Your data is always secure with Plooto. We use military grade security standards and two-factor authentication to ensure that your data is never intercepted by unauthorized parties. In fact, some of the top businesses on the planet are trusting Plooto to send and receive their payments.

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Real humans providing amazing support

We all need help from time to time. That’s why Plooto always has a team of amazing support staff ready to give you a hand.


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