Pre-authorized debit

Automatically Collect Gym Membership Fees With Plooto's Pre-Authorized Debits

Plooto Reviews: Read about how Plooto has helped Women's Workout collect gym membership fees automatically

Women’s Workout is designed for women of every fitness level and any age. Located in Ontario, Women’s Workout offers a bright and airy environment designed to allow members to workout to their own ability and pace.

The Challenge

Linda Maciek, Manager at Women’s Workout, faced a major challenge in collecting membership fees from her clients. She used to collect fees through credit cards but the costs were starting to build up significantly. Occassionally, some members did not have credit cards and a alternate method of payment needed to be arranged for them.

Looking For A Solution

An ideal solution for Linda would be if she could automatically collect the fees from her members’ bank accounts while keeping costs low.

The Results

Plooto is magical. Once payments from clients are set up, we don’t have to worry about it again. It’s easier and simpler for everyone.

Linda Maciek, Manager at Women’s Workout

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