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Many of you are already leveraging our integration with Xero. However, today, our offering in conjunction with Xero got even better - our software integration with Xero HQ has officially launched!


With the new integration, accountants and bookkeepers have the ability to send and collect payments electronically and sync all payment data into Xero HQ for automatic payment updates. Plooto and Xero made the announcement at Xerocon Austin, Xero’s annual conference in the Americas for cloud accounting leaders.


If you are using Xero and Plooto, you’ll know that Plooto’s existing integration enables you to sync bills and invoices from Xero into Plooto, make payments electronically through Plooto, and auto-reconcile the payments back in Xero once complete.

The new integration between Xero HQ and Plooto enhances this offering. It provides accountants and bookkeepers real-time notifications on the status of clients’ invoices and payments. Currently, we will update you on payments made through Plooto, including failed debits or credits. It is designed to enable you to make quick, informed decisions with your small business customers, make the necessary arrangements to maintain cash flow, and better serve their businesses.

Xero HQ is a dedicated hub for Xero’s accounting and bookkeeping partners. Xero hand-selects world-class apps to meet the needs of Xero’s accounting and bookkeeper partner community. We’re honored to be one of them.


Our customers are already excited about the possibilities that this integration allows.

Before using Plooto with Xero, we had a hard time delivering cost-effective payment services to our customers.Plooto allowed us to bring an extra layer of transparency into the accounting function so business owners knew what was being paid and when in real time. I couldn’t imagine going back to the way things were before the initial Plooto integration with Xero. LiveCA is looking forward to the new integration with Xero HQ and we couldn’t be happier with the service and support from the entire Plooto team.

- Chad Davis, Co-Founder of LiveCA accounting firm


Start using Xero and Plooto to streamline AP and AR today.


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