Ensure recurring revenue and better cash flow with Plooto’s credit card acceptance

Credit card acceptance accelerates payment collection, ensures cash flow continuity, and increases visibility into cash flow forecasting.

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Setting up for Credit Cards With Plooto Is Easy

Managing your payments should be easy and straightforward. Especially for credit cards, it can be daunting to find the right, affordable solution for your business. We strip away the complexity and stress of getting started with credit cards - making it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

With Plooto, enjoy a competitive, straightforward rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with the benefits of automating your payments process.

Faster Payments, Better Cash Flow

Cash flow is essential for businesses, no matter the size. With credit cards and Plooto, get paid as fast as 2 business days and take control of your cash flow.

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Give Your Customers Flexibility While Boosting Revenue

With more than 60% of businesses preferring to make payments with credit cards, provide your customers the convenience and flexibility to do so while building stronger relationships!

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Robust Workflows That Save You Even More Time and Effort

Coupled with Plooto's recurring payments and PAD, take your payments process on autopilot and receive payments without the additional work and hassle.

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How Do Credit Cards Work With Plooto?

With Plooto, all you need to do is choose which payments you want to receive with credit cards, and we handle the rest.

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Automatic invoice import

Plooto automatically syncs and imports your invoices from your accounting software

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Choose payments to receive via credit card

Plooto automatically creates payments from your invoices and you choose which payments to receive by credit card

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Automatic reconciliation

Plooto reconciles your invoice payments back into your accounting software

Accept Credit Card Payments with Plooto
Owais Lightwala
Managing Director, Why Not Theatre

Getting Plooto was a lifesaver. I suddenly had a much easier system that I could control directly rather than outsourcing. Plooto provides massive time savings.

Varun Sehgal
Partner, Think Accounting

For any business with a recurring fee model, Plooto is a no brainer. It eliminates paper, smooths out cash flow, reduces Accounts Receivable headache, and so much more. For modern businesses running in the cloud, Plooto is a must!

Andrew Abony
Co-Founder & CEO, Adbloom

Plooto has played a tremendous part in facilitating Adbloom's global growth. It saves us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, efficiently handling thousands of payments each month.

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