Payments made simple with Netsuite and Plooto

Reduce time spent on managing payments for your Netsuite Bills and Invoices. Coming soon.

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How Plooto works


Import invoices & bills

Import invoices and bills from Netsuite. Select which ones you want to pay.


Select how you want to pay

Select which bank account you want to use to make payments.


Send funds in 1 click

Plooto pays your payees electronically & syncs with your accounting software.

Quick and easy payments

Import your invoices, payees, customers and bank accounts from Netsuite to Plooto. Send payments quickly and easily online.

Sync with Netsuite

Double data entry are a thing of the past. Plooto automatically updates payee and customer details (name, company name, address, email) in Netsuite.