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Manage all of your business payments and financial processes
from a single online tool. Say goodbye to inefficiencies with using banks and costly fees.

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Simplify & Make All of Your Payments on Plooto

We have been there before, trying to find the most cost-effective way to send and receive payments to and from vendors worldwide, then ultimately falling back on banks. The worst part? Your payment processes can become very inefficient and daunting. That's where Plooto comes in, unifying your payments and processes, making your financial processes ultra-efficient and cost-effective.

With QuickBooks or Xero, Using Plooto Is a No Brainer

With two-way sync with your accounting software, your payment processes become super-efficient

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Bills and invoice import into Plooto

With Plooto's robust sync, bills and invoices from your accounting software are automatically imported into Plooto

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Plooto sends and receives your payment

Easily pick and choose which imported bills or invoices to pay or receive on Plooto

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Plooto reconciles back into your accounting software

Plooto provides a full audit trail of your transactions, eliminating time-consuming manual work, and automatically syncs your records in your accounting sotware

What Our Customers Think About Plooto

"I love the ease of setup, the flexibility to be able to pay bills in a variety of ways without high cost or a complicated set-up wall."
"It's helped us keep our finances organized! Very happy with the implementation."
"We needed a way to pay vendors in multiple currencies in an inexpensive and timely manner. The bank charges were eating away at our profit margins. The cost for Plooto was a no brainer at $25 per month, the bank charges per transaction was $80 USD."