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Beginning October 29th, you will see some changes to the company verification steps in the Plooto application. These changes will make it easier to fill out the forms, and will help make the compliance review for you and your clients even faster.


This will not impact any existing businesses that are already transacting on Plooto, but will make it significantly easier and faster for you to add additional businesses to Plooto.


Business Number is No Longer Required

You will no longer need to enter a business number (the 9-digit number assigned to businesses by CRA) in order to proceed with verification, as seen in the screenshot below:



Incorporation Info Can Now Be Added

Incorporated entities will be asked for their incorporation information when verifying the company. If you or your client don't have this information when you're signing up, there's no need to worry – you can skip adding this information, and we will still do our best to find this information on your behalf. If you do add this information, it will help reduce the time it takes for us to verify your company details. During the company verification, the form you'll see will look like this: