Stop Overpaying. Choose Plooto Instead.

A better way to pay your bills and collect on invoices. More features for lower prices.

Plooto vs. Alternatives

    • Managing contacts
    • Onboarding
    • Pricing
    • International payments
    • Auto-sync with Quickbooks
    • Signing authorization
    • Easy for payees (zero steps required)
    • Sign in easily with your banking login
    • No monthly fees. $0.50 per payment
    • Pay international for $9.99 flat fee
    • Seamless Quickbooks reconciliation
    • Unlimited signing authorities for free
  • Alternatives

    • Payees need to create an account
    • Dig up your routing # and account #
    • Monthly fees of up to $59 per user
    • 2-3 weeks of processing. $10K limit
    • Creates duplicates in Quickbooks
    • Extra fees per signing authority

Payee experience

Your payees don't need to sign up for an account

With Plooto, you can pay anyone with only their email address. You don't have to inconvenience your vendors and contractors by making them sign up for an account.

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