Updates to our Dashboard

We've made some updates to our dashboard, showing more information on the main page, to make it easier for our users. 

Sync to Accounting Software:

The sync feature to your accounting software is now located in the top right, underneath the company name.

Outstanding Verifications:

The outstanding verifications notice now shows up in a yellow bar, with the details of what areas still require completion underneath. 

*** Please note, if you click on the yellow bar, the details of the outstanding verifications will be hidden. 

Switch Company:


The "switch company" tab is now located under the company name in the top right. 

To access the list of companies, click on the company name, then "switch company".

Plooto Instant:

The Plooto Instant balance, and prefund option are now on the left-hand side of the page. 

Exchange Calculator:

The exchange calculator is now located on the left-hand side of the page, underneath the Plooto Instant feature.


Making Payments:

Our "send" tab is now called payables, and the "collect" tab is now called receivables.



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