Automate Your Workflow with Technology

Please note: our SmartFlow Technology will be temporarily unavailable. We are in the process of making updates to provide you a better experience. All of our other features are still available during these updates.

Stop spending precious time on tasks that add little value to the business. Use SmartFlow Technology instead.

Automate your workflow with technology

SmartImport: Upload invoices automatically

No need to manually input invoices anymore. Forward your invoice to Plooto and SmartImport can read the info and create the entry for you in your accounting software. For only $0.75 per invoice.

Forward invoices from your email. SmartImport extracts relevant data
Retain control with the ability to verify and override invoice information
Entries are posted to your accounting software exactly how you want them
Upload invoices automatically

SmartSync: Sync with accounting software automatically

Other apps’ automatic reconciliation causes you more problems than it solves. SmartSync links your accounting software to Plooto directly, and your records are always correct. And it's free!

Pulls outstanding invoices from your accounting software into Plooto
Automatically reconciles complete payments in your accounting software
Sync with accounting software automatically

Make business payments easy

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