Plooto Release Notes

April 2018

New SmartFlow Technology Automates Your Payments

We’re well aware that managing AP using traditional methods is a time consuming and manual process. That’s why we launched SmartFlow. SmartFlow eliminates data entry associated with AP and drastically reduces the time spent on payments. Instead of entering information manually or using several different platforms, you can now use one seamless product to streamline your entire AP process. Learn about SmartFlow.

  • SmartImport: No need to manually input invoices anymore. Forward your invoice to Plooto and SmartImport can read the info and create the entry for you in your accounting software. Learn more.
  • SmartSetup: Why manually create payments for the same payees every month? Use SmartSetup instead - a tool to automatically create and set up payments. Learn more.
  • SmartSync: Other apps’ automatic reconciliation causes you more problems than it solves. SmartSync links your accounting software to Plooto directly, and your records are always correct. Learn more.
White Label Customization

Users are now able to white label and customize both the Plooto dashboard, as well as Plooto notification emails that are sent to contacts.

  • Plooto notification emails have been redesigned for better readability
  • Users' company name will be displayed on the top of the email and the Plooto dashboard
  • Users can choose to upload their company logo. The logo will be displayed in email notifications to contacts and the Plooto dashboard

March 2018

Better Accounting Software Reconciliation

We've completely rebuilt our accounting software reconciliation (QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and Xero) from the ground up - and the new system is better and faster than ever!

  • Improved speed: Everything on Plooto loads much faster now - including reconciliation and normal usage of the site
  • Account names: Users will now be able to rename any account that Plooto creates
  • Accurate bank transfers: The debit/credit amount that is posted in your accounting software will now match the debit/credit amount on the bank statement. This amount now includes manual direct deposit and direct debits as well
  • Improved memos: Memos now include various reference numbers and transaction numbers for easier referencing
  • Batched transfer fees: Transfer fees will now be batched into a single transaction to reduce number of Plooto Clearing transactions. Batched transfer fees can now be easily related to bank transfer as their transaction code is the same
  • Improved foreign exchange reconciliation: We've made a number of improvements to both FX debit and credit reconciliation. FX Reconciliation will require less manual updates and will be easier to understand
  • Instant reconciliation: Syncing Xero & QBO will also push out any outstanding bill/invoice payments. This allows users to instantly reconcile back any bills they've marked as paid
  • Partial invoice payments: Users can now request partial invoice amounts with the new versions of reconciliation. Invoices can even be split into multiple payment installments
  • Manual Plooto clearing account: There is now a dedicated "Manual Plooto Clearing" account created for any direct deposit/direct debit payments created outside of accounting software
Dashboard Redesign

We've launched a redesign of the dashboard, and made some functional updates that make our user experience better. Learn more.

February 2018

Send French Email Notifications

We launched French-language email notifications. Now you can designate whether you would like a contact to receive French or English email notifications for their payments. Learn more.

Bug Fixes
  • Estimated payment dates now update after approval
  • Plooto Instant reports now contain more functionality
  • Instead of a long string of numbers when providing bank details, users can already use their online banking login credentials (username, password) instead. Now this capability has been expanded to even more financial institutions in the US

January 2018

Faster Payments (Next Business Day)

We have expanded our Express NextDay program from Early Access to include more users. When sending a Payable to a vendor, users may expedite deposit of payments to next business day.

  • Applicable for Payables of up to $5,000
  • Costs $9.99 per transaction
Display Attached Invoices in Payments

Users can choose to display attached invoices in their accounting software to both approvers and contacts.

  • Approves can easily view invoices when approving payments
  • Users can opt to display attached invoices in Plooto emails sent to contacts

Learn more about attachments and how to enable this feature.

Default Bank Account

You can now set a default bank account for all your Payables and Receivables!

Previously, you were able to select your desired bank account for each payable and receivable. However, we realize that most of the time, you want your payments to be deposited and withdrawn from one account.

Now you can do just that by setting up a default bank account. Your payments will be set to withdraw from and deposit into this account automatically, so you can skip the bank account selection step during your payment set-up. Learn more.

Bug Fixes
  • Improved loading speed of the platform
  • Fixed drag & drop for Mass Pay
  • "Date paid" in accounting software now reflects payment arrival date instead of payment initiation date