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The easiest, most cost-effective way to pay your vendors and contractors in {[to]} is now available with Plooto.

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{{>modules/landing-page-steps title="Sending international payments is as easy as 1-2-3" step1-h3="Sign up" step1-desc="Get started for free by setting up your account with Plooto." step2-h3="Add recipient email" step2-desc="Add your receipient's email address. That's all we need - no need to dig for SWIFT or routing numbers." step3-h3="Send money in 1 click" step3-desc="Plooto sends funds directly from your bank account. You won't ever have to go to you bank branch again." bg-color="light-blue" }} {{>modules/foreign-exchange-calculator title="Pricing" subject="Save up to 90% on fees" body="Cross-border wire transfers cost anywhere between $15 to $125. Then comes the monthly fees and other hidden charges. Plooto is just one flat fee per transaction and your receipient won't pay a cent. No setup costs. No hidden fees. No limits." bg-color="white" }} {{>modules/container-two-columns-with-image title="Convenience" side="right" subject="Send money from the comfort of your office" body="Save time and avoid a trip to the bank. With Plooto, send money online from wherever you are. Never visit a bank again. " image=(cdnPath 'images/map.png') bg-color = "light-blue" alt = "Convenient international wire transfers" }} {{>modules/container-two-columns-with-image-and-vertical-sections title="Other features" side="left" subject="More than just international payments" sections=(eval "[ {'title':'All your payments in one place','body':'Whether you need domestic, international, mass or recurring payments—Plooto handles it all. No more jumping between multiple services to send or receive your payments.'}, {'title':'Automate your processes','body':'Our back office integration helps you spend less time dealing with those dreaded admin tasks and more time on growing your business.'} ]") image=(cdnPath 'images/cloud.png') bg-color = "white" alt = "More than just international wire transfers" }} {{>layout/footer cta=true }}