Cost savings

Cutting Payment Costs by 50% for Home-Builders

Plooto Reviews: Read about how Plooto has helped Veldhuisen Construction save time on payments.

Veldhuisen Construction is a family-owned and operated general contracting business focused on residential projects and custom homes. Their mission is to build well-crafted homes while supporting their local communities.

The Challenge

As the business expanded rapidly, Anita Veldhuisen found her team spending significant time managing payments to their employees, subcontractors and suppliers. Anita had previously used cheques for payment, but they were time-consuming to write and distribute. Anita also explored alternative desktop solutions, but access was restricted to one computer and Anita’s team was not always in the same location.

Anita needed an online solution that would simplify business processes and provide his team access from multiple locations.

The Results

Plooto saves us money and time. Because cheques, envelopes, postage and transaction fees have all been eliminated, we’ve reduced our costs by half. The time we spend on bookkeeping and reconciling payments is a third of what it had been previously.The QuickBooks integration is exactly what we needed.

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