Scalability Saved Both Time and Money with Plooto

Scalability is a one stop cloud based solution that takes care of the bookkeeping, bill payments, invoicing, payroll and office backlogs for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They help businesses grow without having to grow their footprint and hire bookkeepers or accountants. For a flat fee per month, Scalability offers back-office services that allows SMBs to be more agile.

The Challenge

With customers such as Real Ventures, The Working Group, OK Grow and Massive Damage, Scalability Inc was growing... and growing fast. As a result, the business payment methods they were using no longer worked for them. Rustin Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Scalability, used to be a RBC Express power user and faced problems where the platform is too antiquated to allow Scalibility to use at scale across their business, while being too difficult for their clients to understand. A lot of their clients also used Interac e-Transfers to make payments but was constrained by Interac's limits on the amount that users can send. There was not an ideal payments method for Scalability or their clients.

Looking For A Solution

Rustin was looking for a way to manage all of their team's business payments in one place and needed a way to make sure that their payables and receivables were automatically synced and reconciled with their accounting platform. He was referred to Plooto by a colleague and was immediately drawn to Plooto's simplicity and ease of use. Scalability began using Plooto to import all their bills, invoices, payees, customers and bank accounts from Xero and to pay all their suppliers, contractors and vendors online.

The Results

Plooto allowed Scalability to improve their processes and save a tremendous amount of time and money. Their clients were able to easily streamline both accounts payable and receivable electronically in the cloud thanks to Plooto.

According to Rustin, “at Scalability we use Plooto internally and for our clients because of the beautifully simple UI, the administrator and user controls and the affordability. It doesn't hurt that the support is responsive and they are always releasing new and updated features based on our feedback. Plooto is a huge win for our business!”

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