Paperless payments

How This Accounting Firm Went Paperless

Plooto Reviews: Read about how Plooto has helped Hawkins Accounting save time and money on payments.

Hawkins & Co. Accounting is a dedicated accounting firm that has been helping business owners understand their numbers and how to make better decisions with them. They have worked with startups, owner-managed businesses, non-profit organizations, individual taxpayers, and much more to help them grow their wealth while still being able to sleep at night.

The Challenge

Following the growing amount of new clients was the growing number of bills, cheques and administrative payments that needed to be taken care of by the firm. Allison Hawkins, Partner at Hawkins & Co. Accounting, and her team has been facing increasing frustrations dealing with these using cheques. Not only does it require a lot of time spent on cutting cheques, getting approvals, stamping and mailing them, there was also the costs involved in each one of these steps. Then there’s the hassle with dealing with paper and reconciling accounts.

Looking For A Solution

Being a Xero partner, Allison is always on the lookout for new add-ons on Xero that help businesses work smarter. After trying out other solutions such as Rotessa that took care of their clients’ inbound recurring payments, Allison needed a platform that she can trust with accounts payables. She came across Plooto on the Xero Add-on Marketplace and was enticed by the easy sign up proces, the simplicity of the app and the seamless sync with Xero.

The Results

Plooto has saved Allison and her team several hours a month in handling bill payments, payroll and has completely removed the need for cheques for Hawkins Accounting. They had a ton of bills that weren’t already automatic and that’s all been taken care of by Plooto. No more extensive paper work and no more unnecessary expenses in bills.

I love the fact that I can do an entry, and I can see it right at Xero. Once I’ve paid it through Plooto, I don’t have to go back to Xero and make entries again.
Allison Hawkins, Partner at Hawkins & Co. Accounting

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