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Hawkins Accounting

Save Time and Money by Removing Cheques

Following the growing amount of new clients was the growing number of bills, cheques and administrative payments that needed to be taken care of by the firm. Allison Hawkins, Partner at Hawkins & Co. Accounting, and her team has been facing increasing frustrations dealing with these using cheques.

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Veldhuisen Construction

Replacing Cheques for Home-Builders

Gresham Veldhuisen found his team spending significant time managing payments to their employees, subcontractors and suppliers. Gresham had previously used cheques for payment, but they were time-consuming to write and distribute.

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Moving Away From Interac Limits

Rustin Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Scalability, used to be a RBC Express power user and faced problems where the platform is too antiquated to allow Scalibility to use at scale across their business, while being too difficult for their clients to understand.

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Blast Marketing

Reduced Time To Prepare Payments By 50%

With over 30 full-time employees and over 1,000 contract brand ambassadors across North America, Michael Pham, Managing Director at Blast Marketing, found that he was spending more and more time on preparing and sending payments rather than growing his business.

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