Payments for your business made easy

Payment features


Replace your company’s cheques and wires

Don’t be limited by your options. Plooto’s flexible payment features give you the freedom to do it all. And then some.

Pay anyone you like

When it comes to making payments, we don’t discriminate. Domestic or international, client or vendor, individual or enterprise – your money always makes it into the right place with Plooto. They don’t even need to create an account!

CRA payments made simple

Plooto simplifies CRA payments by taking chequebooks and bank clerks out of the equation. Pay source deductions, corporate tax & GST/HST electronically. Once a complicated process, now just a couple of clicks.

Replace your company's cheques and wires


Set it and forget it

With Plooto, recurring payments are no longer a recurring nightmare. Schedule a repeat payment once and never worry about it again.

Easy recurring payments


International payments for less

Whether you’re doing business in the US, Europe or beyond, sending money overseas has never been easier. Send international payments for a flat fee of $9.99, and enjoy highly competitive exchange rates. Never lose another cent on bank fees.

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