Get Paid Faster, Easier, For Less

Get Paid Faster, Easier, For

Integrate QuickBooks or Xero Accounting with Plooto's AR software to automate your accounts receivable invoices and receive payments faster with pre-authorized debits and recurring payments
Seamless Two-Way Integration With
Desktop / Online
Better cash flow with less work and lower cost? That's Plooto's powerful Accounts Receivable magic.
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Improve your accounts receivable automation efficiency with Plooto's integration with QuickBooks and Xero
Integrated = Efficient
Plooto automates your AR, with recurring payments for repeat clients, and two-way sync with your accounting software. Plus: Electronic payments mean no more trips to the bank to deposit checks!
Automate your cashflow and your accounts receivable process to know where your money is and when you will receive it
Know Your Cash Flow
See every detail of your payments flow – when payment was made, where it is, when it will arrive in your bank – so you can have certainty over your cash flow.
With Plooto's flexible accounts receivable options, get paid the way you want
Get Paid, Your Way
Whether you're collecting a one-off payment from a new customer, or debiting the bank account of a trusted partner, Plooto gives you the range of payment options you need, all in one place.
How will Plooto transform your AR?
Plooto's AR automation platform includes:
Plooto automatically reconciles your AR transactions with our AR automation software Automatic accounting reconciliation
Set up recurring payments with Plooto to improve your cashflow and accounts receivable automation Recurring payments
Get paid faster and improve your AR automation by setting up pre-authorized debit agreements Pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreements
Manage multiple clients and customers on Plooto's easy to use accounts receivable automation software Client/contact management
With Plooto's smart integration with QuickBooks and Xero, save time and effort on administrative accounting work Seamless accounting integrations and instant reconciliation
Have full visibility of your AR process and know when you will receive payments with Plooto's robust accounting software Payment reporting status
Tyler Anderson from Fintech Growth Syndicate providing a review of Plooto's AR automation software
Tyler Anderson
COO, FinTech Growth Syndicate
Plooto gives me instant information. When you're dealing with multimillion-dollar transfers, people need to know exactly when it's going to be deposited. And Plooto gives me the transparency and ability to see that.
Owais Lightwala from Why Not Theatre providing a review of Plooto's AR automation software
Owais Lightwala
Managing Director, Why Not Theatre
Getting Plooto was a lifesaver. I suddenly had a much easier system that I could control directly rather than outsourcing. Plooto provides massive time savings.
Glenn Swann from The Well providing a review of Plooto's AR automation software
Glenn Swann
COO, The Well
We operate 100% remotely. We tried different things, including bank e-payment systems, but it was always very clunky. By using Plooto, we've transitioned our finance operations to be 100% digital.
Receive payments through Plooto's ISO/IEC certified encryption for your accounts receivable process
ISO/IEC certified, and 256-bit encryption
Speak to a Plooto customer support representative via live chat and phone about our accounts receivable automation software
Live phone and chat support directly from Plooto HQ

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