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AR/AP Automation

Managing AP and AR for your clients is finally efficient, streamlined and profitable.

Improve your AR and AP efficiencies, increase profitability and manage more clients with Plooto's accounts payable and accounts receivable automation
Thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and firms rely on Plooto to power and grow their AR & AP services
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Myth about accounts payable and accounts receivable
Offering AP and AR service is a pain, and bad for your bottom line.
Truth about accountants' clients about wanting a full AP and AR service
Your clients want full service, and with Plooto you can do it efficiently and effectively.
Accountants and Bookkeepers can attract and manage more clients with Plooto's AP software
More services, more clients
Smart integration and online workflows transform the way you manage your clients' payments. Deliver more value in less time.
Plooto is dedicated to providing you the end-to-end accounting automation to scale your business
We’re all about your success
From training your team to assisting with client onboarding, your dedicated account manager is committed to helping your practice grow
Plooto is flexible when it comes to receiving bill payments and we can find the right fit for your practice
Flexibility to suit your practice
Whether you bill hourly or use value pricing, Plooto adjusts to meet each individual client scenario. Ask your account manager for details about wholesale pricing, too.
David DiNardo from Envolta providing a review of Plooto's accounting automation software
David DiNardo
President & CEO, Envolta
We've experienced tremendous growth, just by serving our clients online. And we can't do that without Plooto.
Dami Okunade from DO Chartered Accountant providing a review of Plooto's accounting automation software
Dami Okunade
CPA, DO Chartered Accountant
We don't have to drive to a client just to print and sign checks. Our clients save time, too. Typically they're waiting for signatures from two board members, but with Plooto, approvals are made online and time lags are reduced. Our clients are happy, the board is happy, suppliers are happy. Everybody wins.
Accountants and bookkeepers get all of Plooto's features plus:
Plooto provides accountants training on Plooto's AR and AP automation software Plooto training and certification
Speak to a customer representative to get support for Plooto's accounts receivable and accounts payable software Plooto phone chat and email support
Easily manage your accounting clients with Plooto's accounting software Client management dashboard
Add and customize team roles in Plooto to collaborate and improve your AR and AP process Customizable team roles
Get wholesale pricing when you manage client AR and AP Wholesale pricing
Accounting and bookkeeping firms get free AR transactions Free AR transactions for your firm
Accountants and bookkeepers can make and receive payments through Plooto's ISO/IEC certified encryption
ISO/IEC certified, and 256-bit encryption
Accountants and bookkeepers can contact a Plooto customer support representative via live chat and phone for their AR and AP workflow
Live phone and chat support directly from Plooto HQ

Discover how Plooto can transform your profitable practice, including special wholesale pricing for accounting professionals. Schedule a free consultation today.