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Plooto Launches SmartFlow Providing Businesses with a Single Platform to Automate Payments

We’re well aware that managing AP using traditional methods is a time consuming and manual process. Managing payments the old-fashioned way requires entering invoices, creating, signing, and scheduling payments, and reconciling accounting entries. These tasks add little value to the business but can take several hours per month.

That’s why we launched SmartFlow. SmartFlow eliminates data entry associated with AP and drastically reduces the time spent on payments. Instead entering information manually or using several different platforms, you can now use one seamless product to streamline your entire AP process.

SmartFlow features have the ability to retrieve invoices, create, set up, and schedule payments, and reconcile account entries. There are three features within SmartFlow, and you can choose any or all of these features for complete flexibility around streamlining your payment workflow. SmartFlow also enables you to retain full control over your payments with the ability to verify, override, and approve information. Use SmartFlow's online payments and take the pain out of payments.


No need to manually input invoices anymore. Forward your invoice to Plooto and SmartImport can read the info and create the entry for you.
• SmartImport extracts the relevant information from your invoices
• You retain control with the ability to verify and override invoice information
• Once verified, SmartImport posts entries to your accounting software exactly the way you want them.
• Only $0.75 per invoice

Find out how to activate SmartImport.


• Enters the necessary payment information, including payee, amount, bank account, payment date.
• You maintain the ability to set your preferences and approve payments
• Sends the payment to the payee, allowing you to gain efficiency while retaining full control.
• It's Free!

Find out how to activate SmartSetup.


Other apps’ automatic reconciliation causes you more problems than it solves. Smartsync
• Pulls outstanding invoices from your accounting software into Plooto
• Automatically reconciles complete payments in your accounting software
• It's Free!

Find out how to activate SmartSync.

Gayle Ryan

Gayle is a marketing aficionado and a content writer at Plooto. She is here to help you get all of the information you need to make payments a breeze.

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