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Digital-Age Fundraising and Raffles with Funding Change and Plooto

Anyone who has played or has a child who has played sports with a local sports association knows that it comes part and parcel with fundraising. Whether it involves selling chocolate bars or other goodies, raffle tickets, or contests, fundraising in the community is essential for these organizations.

Traditionally, fundraising raffles were done using paper tickets and in-person or door-to-door selling. The paper ticket method has challenges and limitations for sports associations, however. Social media and email are now essential channels through which sports associations promote raffles, and paper tickets can’t be sold easily through social media and email. Furthermore, monitoring fundraising applications, stats, and sales are also difficult with traditional fundraisers because the data can’t be tracked. Lastly, money management is time-consuming and lacks security, resulting in a lot of effort and wasted time.

Funding Change and Plooto are working together to change this with online raffles. Online raffles offer organizations more transparency and security and are easier to audit than the traditional methods.

How it works

Funding Change is a digital raffle platform that provides sports associations with the ability to launch and manage raffles online. The organization pioneered a unique program that enables every team within a sports association to participate in and share proceeds from a secure online raffle, all with minimal set-up and administration.

Plooto is a payments provider that works with Funding Change to help sports associations disperse the funds to the raffle winner. Both platforms work together to create a completely secure, convenient, and transparent way for sports associations to manage an online raffle fundraiser.

Funding Change works with the association to set up and run one big online raffle. Every team in the league can participate in this larger raffle using a unique link that Funding Change provides. The teams use their link to sell their own tickets, and they share the proceeds once the raffle is complete. The teams can sell tickets more smoothly, avoid administration and cash-handling, and raise more funds for their team. The association has a streamlined method of creating and getting approval for raffles and benefits from complete security and visibility into the raffle. Funding Change is licensed to operate in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Organizations can create a free account on their website, apply for a raffle through their provincial regulator, customize the look of their raffle with their own images and logos, and launch the raffle once it is approved.

Plooto is available to all businesses throughout Canada and the US and provides domestic, international, and credit card payments. Payment approvals are customizable to individual business needs and are done with the click of a button.

Find out how your sports association or team can begin raising more money with Funding Change and Plooto.
Go to www.plooto.com or www.fundingchange.ca for more information.

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